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Save Money on Total Cost of Car Ownership

Our cars and other vehicles are part of our lives. They are financially, socially and emotionally important to us. They are also, for most people, a significant source of expense. A vehicle’s true cost is much more than just the sticker price. To calculate the total cost of ownership, you must tally up the initial purchase price, maintenance, repairs, gasoline, insurance and other factors. Here are a few tips to help you save money on the total ownership cost of your vehicle.

Do your scheduled maintenance

If your car could speak, it might say, “Pay me now or pay me later.”  The thought of getting a tune-up or an oil change for your car may rarely enter your mind, let alone be a priority. Many people don’t give the workings of their vehicle a second thought until the engine light comes on or the car breaks down. Repairs can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many car repairs can be prevented altogether by performing the scheduled maintenance. Dollars spent now save you many more dollars later. If you are someone who often forgets such thing, set a calendar event on your phone, for the next time your car needs an oil change.

Wash your car

Be a neat freak with your car. Keep it clean, inside and out. You will keep it looking nice for many years if you take good care of it. If you keep the car for a long time, you won’t need new paint or upholstery if you keep it looking good.

Fix it yourself

No matter what your starting point in the understanding of the workings of a vehicle, you should educate yourself. Read the manual for your car. Then buy a shop book or repair manual for your vehicle. Diagnosing your car’s problems yourself and getting parts at the local autoparts store can saving you thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicle. You can supplement your knowledge by visiting forums online, for your make and model of car, or watching Youtube videos. Even when you do need to take a vehicle to a mechanic, being forearmed with information can keep you from getting swindled on unnecessary repairs.


Let your car pay you back for some of its expense. The US Tax code lets you deduct both miles traveled for business and for medical. To take this deduction, you will need to keep a log. Get your car a log book. A bound, half-page sized notebook, like those sold as a diary at Office Depot, is a good choice. For each business related trip, write your starting and finishing odometer readings and the number of miles traveled. At the end of the year this could get you hundreds of dollars of savings on your tax bill.

Get full coverage auto insurance

Accidents happen. Don’t skimp on car insurance and get a liability only policy. Get full coverage so that your car can be replaced if it is totalled.

The best way to save money on the expense of a new car is to keep your current car in great shape and looking good. Follow these tips and your car will serve you well for many years.

5 Types of Car Air Fresheners

Auto air fresheners with a sweet scent can rapidly overwhelm a lot of awful stenches to give a crisp noticing asylum to the more agreeable auto travel. Well-picked air fresheners can create a lovely scent that is sufficiently capable to take out scents identified with smoking, takeout nourishment, or other foul odors. Here are five of the best auto air fresheners available:

Can: The can style of air freshener is like the sticky gel, and comprises of a metal or plastic can that holds a sweet-noticing fragrant gel pack. The can has a top segment with customizable gaps which makes it simple to decide the measure of scent to discharge at any one time. While these items can possibly last longer than the greater part of the sticky gel items, despite everything they aren’t exceptionally successful at expelling the most grounded smells in the vehicle.

Plug-in: The module fresheners are a mainstream decision and comprise of an oil-based aggravate that is contained inside a plastic lodging. They are intended to connect to the electrical plug on the dashboard, and begin to discharge an aroma once the oil-based compound is warmed. This module is extraordinary for solid scents, and soon fills the entire used Toyota Innova cars in Mumbai with a sweet-noticing aroma.

Spray: The splash sort of freshener is speedy and simple to utilize. The fluid vaporous aroma for these air fresheners arrives in a pressurized can which can be splashed when an unpalatable odor is taken note. Splash fresheners aren’t the longest enduring and should be showered at consistent interim if wanting to shut out the most intense smells.

Sticky Gel: The sticky gel air fresheners are made with a strong, sticky kind of gel that holds the fragrant oil. This sort of freshener effectively adheres to any dry surface inside the vehicle without a need to utilize cement. Likewise, on the grounds that it doesn’t depend reporting in real time vents or other type of drive it isn’t as compelling at killing the more grounded smells inside the vehicle. A positive of the fragrant oil is the capacity to last longer than the airborne, paper or cardboard items.

Cardboard: The ease answer for keep the vehicle noticing new is the hanging cardboard air fresheners. They are intended to dangle from the back view reflect, and produced using a scented cardboard. While the scented cardboard items are very dependable they aren’t the best at controlling the most detectable or upsetting odors inside the vehicle.

Vincarhistory-a leading vehicle history report provider

Recently you have chosen a used car for purchasing; you think that you win a big trophy. The car is just five years old with very low mileage and a very attractive price. But after making ride, you are facing a trouble, and then you have a thought that if the seller hiding any problems? The car had any prior accident history or not?

 Years ago purchasers could only examine a used vehicle by just inspecting its mechanical condition and sometime they also examined the file of service records of owners. But now, we have to thanks the power of internet; nowadays the Vehicle identification number or VIN could reveal all types of history of used car. According to the expert, VIN is the DNA of the car.

Nowadays, buyers can purchase this vehicle history reports from different companies online like Vincarhistory.

Vincarhistory is one of the leading vehicle history reporting service. The report of Vincarhistory is considered as one industry’s first and only history score of vehicle that empowering the buyer with great confidence. They provide the information through which the car purchaser can understand very quickly as well as easily what this history report really informs about any specific used car. You need to type a Vehicle identification number on the search bar of the company website and you can receive a report immediately about vehicle history. A vehicle history report of Vincarhistory provides you every types of information drag from an ever-expanding array of databases. Significantly, the reports informs the purchasers if a vehicle has any ‘ branded’ title, means any insurance company has declared the vehicle, a total loss and also declared it a salvage title due to an accident, damage for catastrophic event or flood. The vehicle history report of Vincarhistory also provides additional feature or information. You can get a vehicle “score”., the mileage verification, vehicle’s model number, brand etc. if you want to get proper information just visit   and see the sample reports of a specific car.

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